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Turning normal surfaces into decorative works of art

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No Job's too Small...

No matter what you envision, we are here to help.
If you think the job is too small, still give us a call. 

Large, Commercial Projects as Well

Commercial entities also recognize our talents and use our services to ensure that their projects are done to perfection. 

Stone Work & Pavers

If it has anything to do with making a concrete area look nicer, we are the company to talk to. Stone walls, accents and flooring are incredibly attractive as are pavers when done correctly

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Professional, Reliable Services

Locally-owned father & son team with over 20 years experience can fix or install decorative concrete with perfection.

Concrete overlays, stamping, or staining; pools, patios, driveways, counter  tops, pavers, tile and painting. We do it all.

Concrete Overlays

It’s always not necessary to rip up what was done in the past. We create beautiful overlays that look awesome!

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Concrete Stamping

Stamping is a popular way to beautify your driveway, pool deck, lanai, garage or most anything else. 

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Concrete Painting

Many think that painting concrete only consists of a drab single color yet, when done properly, painted concrete can look amazing. Check out some of our recent jobs… 

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Concrete Pouring & Shaping

And, if you’re not looking for decorative concrete, we can help with standard concrete slabs, driveways, extensions and more

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Veneer Stone & Pavers

Veneer Stone walls can add a unique dimension to an area.
You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

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What Kinds of Services Do We Offer?

Stamped Concrete
Concrete Overlay
Simulated Stone
Transparent Stain
Acid Stain
Knock Down Texture
All Tile Work
Exterior/Interior Painting
Paver Installation
Pressure Washing
Dock Restoration
Complete Pool Restoration

Concrete Experts

When you choose a company to provide services as important
as these, make sure you do your homework. Once you talk with us
we feel it will be evident that we have most experience
and best price.

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