Concrete Overlays

The Most Cost-Effective Way to
Beautify Any Concrete Surface

Concrete overlays are just like they sound…

It's the process of laying decorative layers of colored polymers over an existing concrete surface. The amount of "overlay" can vary as well as what can be hidden beneath.

Overlays are great ways to make a cracked or ugly concrete surface look new again. PLUS, there are a virtually unlimited number of designs that can be used in order to make the concrete look like a work of art.

Overlays are great for lanais, pool decks, driveways, indoor concrete floors or any other concrete surface you can think of.

Our company has vast experience with overlays as it's a lot of the work we do because it's relatively inexpensive and we are experts in making it look amazing.

Take a look at the pictures below. All of the jobs below were recently completed by Creative Touch Concrete and are all concrete overlays (Click image to view a larger view; click your "Back" arrow to return to this page):

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